2019 Pop-up Art Show UPDATE

Wow, what a great show it was! 14 artists with connections to the Themed Entertainment industry, all sharing their work, which showed a fantastic variety of media, styles, and influences. I’d guess there were at least a couple of hundred to 300 guests throughout the evening, which, despite sweltering heat that overpowered the AC, was still exhilarating!

See my previous post for the full list of sponsors and artists. Thanks to all of them, as well as everyone who braved the heat and crowd.

In this post, I am going to share the images that I exhibited. One of the guests said to me, “You can’t tell how beautiful these are on Facebook!” The smallest image was 16×24, and the largest was 16×40.)

All the images were shot in Oceano Dunes, California, which is near Santa Maria and Pismo Beach. The images were printed on aluminum by ProLab Digital Imaging in El Segundo.

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Cedar Compher

Cedar Compher, of the band Reggae Diaspora (with whom I’ve worked before) emailed me about doing a shoot to promote his new solo career. We chose the Santa Monica Pier as the location, and I used it as an opportunity to do my first full shoot with the Fujifilm X-T3. It was great shooting on and near the beach at sunset, and I think we got some good results.



I’ve done a few experiments with time-lapse photography before, but seeing some recent work by David Saffir ( reminded me how much I enjoy the process. Here are a couple of recent attempts. The first was an attempt to shoot some of the highly hyped Camelopardalis meteor shower that turned out to be a dud:

The second was the next day, after I saw how cool the results of the first attempt turned out.


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Exhibit: The Other Side of the Lens

The main image above shows a mockup of the exhibit in my studio space.

Here is a shot of the exhibit in place:IMG_1721-small


A young boy and his mother show that the appeal of photography is across generations.IMG_1723